An illustrated story book for children, 4-9 years old

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This story was originally intended to accompany our Tibetan puppet set to give parents and children an idea of what a nomad’s life might be like in Tibet. Yet, while writing, there was so much to tell that it quite naturally turned into my first children’s’ book.
The creation of a handmade, meaningful doll for our first daughter Samdol Lhamo was the steppingstone of setting up the Dolls4Tibet project. She is now 15 years old, an amazing artist and continues to inspire me. Samdol used the time spent in lockdown last year to adorn this story with her beautiful illustrations. I am incredibly grateful that we were able to spend this challenging time in such a creative, positive manner.
May this book help to spread awareness of Tibet’s rich nomadic culture, the threats of its extinction and the plight of the Tibetan people all around the World.
Printed in India
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