From the Hills of Northern India, Dolls With A Soul…


We craft unique, personalized dolls of the highest standard and offer you the possibility to change the skin, hair and eye colour to your preferred choice of all our dolls.
Pema is an 8-year-old Tibetan nomads’ girl and describes to us her life on the Tibetan plateau, her family’s journey to India and her new life in a Tibetan boarding school in exile.
A gentle reminder of Tibet’s quickly disappearing nomadic culture
Dolls4Tibet are unique creations by women who are Tibetan refugees and local Indian women living in Dharamsala in the Northern Indian Himalayas.

Our project aims to empower its artisans by training them in new skills and creating meaningful, income generating and enjoyable work opportunities within a homely and supportive environment. Additionally, we seek to preserve Tibet’s endangered culture with our personalized Tibetan and Steiner-inspired products.

The workshop is a small-scale, self sufficient, socially aware enterprise which abides by Fairtrade principles. Also, we aim to encourage cross-cultural understanding and social integration – an important aspect of refugee life.

Our dolls are exquisitely handcrafted and filled with pure Himalayan sheep wool. Since each doll develops its own distinctive personality, creating them becomes a delightful achievement for the maker, a unique toy for a child and a precious reminder of Tibet’s threatened identity.

‘Dolls4Tibet are not just gifts to those who receive, but also to us who make them.’