Volunteering at Dolls4Tibet

Our stall at HH Dalai Lama teaching

Our stall at HH Dalai Lama teaching

Over the last few years our project team has enjoyed a few great volunteers and although the tasks involved varied from person to person, depending on their individual skills, preferences and time of year, we have become more clear and structured regarding our needs and what can be contributed by someone joining us temporarily.

Ideally we are looking for an enthusiastic and reliable person who can offer part time help in all office related matters and is interested in joining us for a minimum of 4 months. You would need to come with an independent, flexible and creative mindset and also have reasonably good English, computer and basic accountancy skills.

Timings could be flexible, but should add up to approximately 21 hours per week. If we see that we receive substantial help we are very happy to pay a small salary.

Besides contributing towards a great project, there are opportunities and potential for both parties and we happily welcome and integrate new people into our team.

Vaila, a volunteer, and out staff

Vaila, a volunteer, and out staff

As working with us would be part time, you will also have the chance to engage in other activities (introductory classes to Buddhism; public teachings by HH the Dalai and other spiritual teachers; learning Tibetan or Hindi, yoga, massage and many other courses; small meditation retreats…..the list on offer around our hillside is endless). And within our project you will engage closely and meaningfully with a small but very varied local community group, who’d really appreciate your input.

We will introduce you to the workings of a small scale, socially aware, multicultural and at times slightly chaotic enterprise and of course you will get plenty of insight into the amazing creation of our beautiful handicrafts.

Being able to contribute your energy and skills to a project like ours might be rewarding in itself, but will also give you the opportunity to further develop your existing skills or even acquire completely new ones!

For us, besides getting valuable help in the day to day running of the workshop or in aspects which are too often forgotten or put aside due to time constraints, it is another way to reach out and tell our story and of course new, innovative ideas are always welcomed and appreciated.

If you plan to be in the Dharamsala area for a substantial amount of time and have an interest in becoming involved with us, don’t hesitate to contact info@dolls4tibet.com. It might be the beginning of a great time together! – Mona

Testimonial from Renske, our first volunteer
Renske going to the post office

Renske going to the post office

I had a great time volunteering at Dolls4Tibet for almost 2 months. Even though I didn’t have any experience with marketing I tried to help out with making new contacts, e-mail correspondence, creating Facebook posts, making new connections trough LinkedIn, writing a blog post for the website, set up an Etsy shop and also checking the shops in McLeod Ganj, deliver dolls to the shops, posting parcels at the Postoffice etc.

I sometimes even helped with dressing the dolls. The variety in work and helping out with day to day things made it fun for me to volunteer at Dolls4Tibet. I have learned a lot about marketing, social media, how to run a business and how things work in India. We benefited from both sides, which is great. At times it could be busy and slightly chaotic in the workshop, but I felt immediately at home.

Eventually I stayed most of the time at Mona & Karma’s place which I enjoyed very much. We did lots of nice things together. I also had enough time to do my own things and attend a course for one week. If I will get a chance I will definitely come back! Thanks for everything!

Testimonial from Yusha
Yusha with our dolls at the Film Festival

Yusha with our dolls at the Film Festival

Namaste :-) For me the time at Dolls4Tibet was a very good experience in many levels. I met great people in the workshop with some I became friends and some where just interesting to meet once – it is a wonderful place where people from all over the world drop by.

I got to know how an Indian company runs and to work with Indians and Tibetans was also great to get a deeper understanding of the different cultures. My work field was about accounting, e-mail correspondence, helping with decisions in the workshop and whatever came up during the day. With love, Yusha

Testimonial from Clifford
Clifford, always up for some fun!

Clifford, always up for some fun!

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Mona and her ‘extended family’ at the Dolls4Tibet workshop for 3 months in the Spring of 2013.

Dolls4Tibet workshop is a vibrant place, providing essential employment for both Tibetan refugee and local Indian women who alongside Mona from Germany and many other international volunteers and friends who help out from time to time – make it a real melting pot of cultural diversity!

From the moment you step through the gate you are made to feel like one of the family and Mona has you a list of things urgently needing attended to – you are one of the team!

After three months I left feeling that I had received much more than I had given; I had met and worked with some amazingly talented local and international people who had come specifically to help the Tibetan people in exile, and been privileged to share a little bit of Mona’s dream in creating high quality hand-crafted items that showcase the traditional culture of Tibet to all corners of the globe whilst managing to employ local women and paying them a fair wage for their labour.

A big thanks to all at Dolls4Tibet for an unforgettable experience! Clifford Paterson (Scotland)

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