Here are testimonials we have received from people who are enjoying our dolls! If you would like to share your own comments with us, please write to info@dolls4tibet.com and we will include your testimonial on this page.

I just would like to let you know that our Beautiful Lisa had arrived and I was so happy when I opened it, my eyes got full of tears (happiness tears) of seeing such a delicate and beautifully made doll and felted angel. We can see all the love and dedication you and your team put on the dolls you make. My heart is full of gratitude and happiness for being able to help your people and for having that special doll here with us. My daughter is going to love it and as she grows she will learn where that special doll came from. Congratulations for the incredible job! And I can’t thank you enough for the efforts of sending Lisa on time for my daughter’s birthday. Sending many blessings to you all. With love.

Karen Thelen, June2021

I am absolutely over the moon about the quality and perfection of this doll. I purchased Riya and Tashi, and they are both so beautifully made. I love how they come with little cards so neatly tied to their wrists, and you can really see the time and effort that went into making these dolls from their hair to their little stubby feet!! Absolutely beautiful, and they are great to play with for all ages!! I will definitely be buying from here again, so impressed!! Thank you so much xxx

Tahana Taikato, April 2021

Hi! We received the beautifully well-crafted doll and my baby loves Tashi. Thank you Sarla for making a little doll that my boy can hug , love, and relate to. Here is a picture of their first meeting.

Krystal, April 2021

Thank you for your kind note. Tashi and his little wardrobe arrived timely and well-packed today and it is all so wonderful! Please send my personal thanks to Meena, his maker. I am very happy and excited to gift him to my youngest son for his third birthday in a couple of weeks, who loves taking clothes on and off his sister’s dolls and now will have his own! I’ll be recommending Dolls4Tibet to my colleagues at our Waldorf school. Thank you and warm regards.

Cheryl Chan, January 2021

The doll I ordered for my son’s present, arrived today. Norsang is so beautiful I had tears in my eyes when I opened the box!! I know my son will adore the doll, and it is packaged up in such a magical way, I can’t wait to give it to him on Christmas day. Thank you for such an exquisite piece of craft work, the doll is literally perfect. I am full of gratitude for your wonderful work.

Miri, December 2020

We received the dolls a few days ago, and they are absolutely beautiful!! The quality and care that they are crafted with is so obvious. We will treasure them in our family. The puppets have joined our daily story-time to tell our ancestors story from where they originated in Eastern Amdo. Thank you so so much again. May you all be well and take good care. Tashi Delek.

Leigh, July 2020

We received the doll! It is absolutely beautiful and we are so pleased, I will be ordering again for her birthday … as well as my friends and family! Thank you :)

Abbey, November 2019

Hello everyone, I received Karma this morning and it really brightened my day unwrapping him, seeing the care with which he was placed in his little box. I really appreciate the love and time Sunita spent creating him and hopefully one day he will have a place in my classroom once I finish my teaching course. I will try to send photos of Karma in Australia once the weather is nice. Thank you very much! I will let people know about your wonderful organisation. Love from Australia.

Lauren, November 2018

Dear Mona, Doll Lisa arrived today and she is lovely! Even lovlier than on the pictures :) Her dress is very sweet with blue and purple flowers on it, just perfect. The other clothes were great too, I’m very happy with all of it. Please also thank Neena, who made her, for such a lovely doll :) I’m sure doll Lisa will be well loved by Billie when she gets her for Christmas; I’ll try and remember to email you a photo. Thanks again for a lovely product and for your emails.

Mette, November 2018

Dear Mona, ​I have been meaning to get in touch as the doll arrived 2 days before our new baby did, so it was perfect timing. And the doll has helped our elder daughter enormously with the transition of having a new baby sister! it was fascinating to watch how she used the doll to feel confident in touching and speaking to her new baby for the first time – it’s been very special. so thank you for your great work!

Francesca, February 2018

Dear Mona, our little boy loves Robby. It feels like Robby is part of our family. He’s so chunky and cuddly and sits so beautifully. My husband says, “Perfect, just like the little boy he was made for.” Eren loves him, baby doll Robby gets his nappy changed, sits at the table with us and even has his own car seat! We feel like Robby is more than a doll. He is filled with a quality of love and reflects our little boys heart perfectly.

Leah, January 2018

Hi Mona, thank you, I received Sammy on Friday last week! She is for my daughter’s birthday in January. She is gorgeous. Thank you for the wonderful customer service. I’m sure my daughter will treasure her.

Bryony, July 2017

I look forward to receiving the Angels. Everyone I give them to remarks at how beautiful they are and how special they make that person feel. We all feel the beautiful energy of you and Momo 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thank You for bringing them into our lives😀

Peggy, March 2017

Dear Mona, Dekyi arrived safely. Thank you so much to you all and meeny who created this beautiful tibetan doll. She will be well treasured and looked after. Blessings and warm wishes to you all.

Rachel, November 2016

Thank you Mona. Peter has arrived safe and sound and he looks perfect. My little boy loves feeding him and taking good care of hm. Thank you so much. Best wishes to your talented ladies.

Kim, June 2015

Just wanted to thank the wonderful people who crafted these two lovely dolls. My two children adore them and they will be friends for a long time. Thank you!

Sarah, December 2014

They arrived this morning and they are wonderful. I appreciate the tenderness and care given to creating them and I wish Dolls4Tibet’s continued success. Thank you and please tell the women how much the angels are treasured and loved.

J.M., December 2014, USA

I received the doll you made which is styled in the Amdo region of dress. This work of art is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for this creation. It is a gift for my dear friend’s son who is 1/2 Tibetan and is turning 5 on 11/11. I just think it is perfect. May you find freedom in your hearts and also your nation.

Janet, November 2014, UK

Hi there, I ordered two dolls a while ago and I wanted to say THANK YOU For the extra little gifts I got with the second doll, (a little woolly sweater/beanie/”topie”) and baby carrier. It was months ago and I kept meaning to email and for some reason just kept forgetting! So now, 5 months later, I wanted to say thank you so so much for your sweetness. My kids won’t go to sleep without your beautiful creations! They are “friends for life” with their Dolls4tibet dolls. You and all those beautiful women who make the dolls are incredible! Thank you!

Naomi, September 2014

Many thanks for my three dolls which arrived safely today. As ever they are wonderful. I’m enjoying following all the activities at the workshop on Facebook & all your postings. Look forward to more (dolls & postings). Best wishes to you & all at the workshop

Melanie, June 2014

Just wanted to inform you that the dolls have arrived and they are absolutely beautiful. The clothes are beautifully made as well. Thanks to both you and your talented crafts people who have made it possible for us to share in these delightful dolls. A wonderful organization and lovely products.

Nicola, May 2014

I just ordered my second doll from you guys for my second daughter. Love your dolls, love you website and love all that you’re doing. Keep up the good work. Regards,

Richael, Spring 2014, Ireland

I just received my dolls and they are all beautiful. I could never have found such lovely dolls here in New Jersey and they will be much loved gifts. I hope I can order more in the future. Thank you.

Catherine, December 2013, USA

It is such a pleasure working with you Mona – your radiance is felt all the way from your Himalayan home to mine in Australia! It is with great pride that my Steiner shop promotes the Dolls4Tibet range of Steiner-inspired dolls. I love imagining your workshop and the amazing Tibetan and Indian women who create your beautiful dolls. I share your positive vision for empowering the lives of these incredible people. I look forward to my next parcel of treasures arriving! Warm wishes,

Mirakye, Australia (Owner of Epoche)
June 2013

Hi Mona, I forgot to write and mention that the dolls arrived a couple of weeks ago. The dolls now have a new home in our Little Kindy and the children love them. It was so funny the children noticed them straight away and at the end of the play session the little boy was dressed in a dress! Many thanks from all of us at Bellingen Chrysalis Little Kindy.

May 2013

The reason we bought from you, compared to the ease of buying a plastic doll in the store, is that I want the little bit of money we have to go towards projects I care about. The dolls at the store (often plastic, or poorly made) have no story to them. You can hardly tell they were touched by human hands. The doll we received from dolls4tibet, Marie, has a manufacturing story worth telling. I can tell she was made with thought and real hands. Once I saw her in person she reminded me of dolls my great grandmother used to make. I couldn’t help but put her close to my face before wrapping her up for Christmas morning.

Kerri, December 2012

When I was travelling in India in 2009, I spent some time in Dharamsala and while I was there I got a ‘Pema’ doll for my grandaughter who was just a baby at the time, she has always loved her Tibetan doll. I now have another grandaughter and I was wondering about getting her a doll for Christmas and thinking how lovely it would be if she could also have a Tibetan doll. A few clicks on my computer later and to my delight I found your website and a ‘Tenzin’ doll has now been ordered. Thank you so much.

Jude, November 2012

Hi Mona, I just picked up Norsang at the Post Office. He’s in perfect shape and so was the wrapping….thank you so much. Your dolls are amazing and so artistic. There is a Tibetan store in town and I will bring Norsang to show the owner. Perhaps he may want to buy from you. Love and best wishes.

Andrea, November 2012, USA

Hello there! Sonam, a lovely Tibetan girl doll was given as a gift for our newborn son, It is the most beautiful doll of all our dolls, Their is just something about her eyes!

Starsonam, June 2012

Tashi Delek! I have two nieces, ‘Summer’ & ‘Sophie’, born within a week of each other in June. It was Summer’s 3rd birthday and about to be Sophie’s. I brought back two Tibetan dolls, brother and sister, from Dharamsala for Summer. I bought an outfit for Sophie.

Big Mistake! At Summer’s party she opened her dolls when Sophie was close by. Sophie’s eyes were as big as saucers, so Summer offered her one of her dolls to play with. Well you can imagine the rest of the story…….. exactly! Sophie would not, could not relinquish her ‘borrowed’ Tibetan girl doll, with lots of black hair in a ‘pink’ tuba.

“Where did you get that doll?” Said her anxious mother.
“Unfortunately, in Dharamsala” said I.
“When are you going back?” said she.

I SOS’d a friend in Dharamsala, because I didn’t have Mona, the makers, email address. And now the doll is on it’s way to London. Phew!

Sue Greenwood, June 2012, England