Hurray! Our website is up and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

It’s taken us two years and is the result of a great group of people who came together at the right time and place to make it all happen.

First and foremost, we wish to mention Jean-Francois – an excellent Web Designer with lots of patience, who understood clearly what we were looking for, appreciates our project for what it is and was prepared to put in loads of his personal time. Words cannot thank him enough for what he’s done. Sadly Jeff is leaving our village soon – we will all miss him as he has become a good friend along the way. 

Ashwini Bhatia and Abhishek Madukar have done a wonderful job with the photography and put life into the Dolls4Tibet website. They have succeeded to show our dolls in their best light, transmitted well the atmosphere of our project and in particular were very sensitive towards the inhibitions of our Tibetan doll makers. (Many of them have escaped from Tibet and are still anxious about their identity in exile, worrying that being seen on Internet might endanger their families left behind in Tibet.) A big thank you to both, Ashwini and Abhishek! 

And last but for sure not least, we’d like to thank Evonne Setairidou who has been working with our project behind the scenes from Australia for over 2.5 years. Her expertise, tireless enthusiasm and active involvement with the workshop have played a crucial role in the overall development and capacity of Dolls4Tibet. Evonne has become a valued member of our team and we appreciate greatly her continued support. Thank you Evonne for everything!!!

Looking back, the building of our website has been much work, but also a lot of fun. It’s been fantastic to be surrounded by so much talent, and we are grateful to everyone for their precious time and dedication. With people like you around the world, Tibet surely will be free one day! 
With warm wishes,

Mona and Karma