Angchuk – Indian Friendship Doll

Angchuk - Indian Friendship Doll

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Angchuk is a smart mountain boy. His long hair is tied back in a plait, but can be undone. He wears the traditional Ladakhi Goncha, which is held together with a characteristic bright pink sash and a pair of simple trousers.

The hair is made from strands of pure wool and the ‘skin’ from 100% cotton knit. The product is filled with 100% sheep’s wool and can be hand-washed. The clothing is mostly cotton. All garments can be removed.

Please note: While maintaining a distinct style, due to its handcrafted nature, each product will vary slightly and fabrics used for the garments are frequently changed. If you have any preferences for colours please contact us via email at

28cm / Handmade in India
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