Gaddi Family Mini Dolls

Gaddi Family Set

Gaddi Family Set


Our local community is an intriguing mixture of many different cultures, yet one that stands out as being particularly unique is the Gaddi tribe. Many of their men used to follow a semi nomadic lifestyle, roaming the high mountains with their goat and sheep for many months of the year. Although this tradition seems to be nearing its end, all Gaddis are proud of their songs, dances and beautiful costumes.

This minidoll family is a tribute to our local shepherd tradition and we wish to inspire the young ones to remember, recreate and live this beautiful tradition in their plays and imagination. It is a family of five to which you can add our sheep and dog and in time we will create the goats as well.

Gaddi Family - Father - Shepherd

Gaddi Family – Father – Shepherd – Click to enlarge
Gaddi Family - Mother

Gaddi Family – Mother – Click to enlarge
Gaddi Family - Elder Daughter

Gaddi Family – Elder Daughter – Click to enlarge
Gaddi Family - Younger Daughter

Gaddi Family – Younger Daughter – Click to enlarge
Gaddi Family - Son

Gaddi Family – Son – Click to enlarge
Gaddi shepherd and wife size: 17cm
Gaddi elder sister, small sister and small brother: 13-15cm

You can buy the complete set for 47.00 USD or select individual characters

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