A brief introduction into Karma Sichoe’s artistic journey

Even though I have been married to Karma for the past 18 years, I always seem to learn something new about his ideas regarding life and his artwork, his inspirations and motivation. Read more

Creativity With the Suja TCV Students in Auroville

One of the more original activities that took place during those weeks was a role-playing workshop using puppets. Each student chose an animal… Read more

The Gift a Doll Project is Taking Off!

As we delivered the gifted dolls, there was heartfelt appreciation and gratitude from parents and teachers and lots of happiness for the children! Read more

Christmas and Angels

As the days become shorter, our felted angels are lying everywhere and Dolls4tibet is busier than ever to get last minute orders ready for Christmas! Read more

A Few Testimonials

It’s always great to read comments of pleased parents and see photos of happy children from around the world, playing with our dolls! Read more

How It All Began…

Have a look at these 5 short videos on YouTube, they give you an excellent idea of how we started the Dolls4Tibet project about 5 years ago… Read more